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To all my Naughty Peaches,

We sure did have some great times...

The Peach Palace was designed around the model to help her succeed without being forced into a harsh/evil cam studio environment (our eventual undoing). We believed that being caring, thoughtful, nice, respectful and even galant would somehow give cam girls the dignity to rise above the shallowness and horrific day to day that is commonplace.

To the models that appreciated and reveled in this, We thank you! You were amazing to work with and because of you, The Peach Palace felt like home. To the rest.. eh.. we tried, but your lives and your heads were too messed up to achieve anything in life.

Regardless, Best of luck to all of you!

I have compiled some pics of the studio and decided to make a hommage to the greatest 3 years in camming studio history.

I just grabbed a few but Many Many Many more pics are uploaded to the Picasa Web Album. Browse, Remember and Tear up the way we always did...

We will miss you all, the drama, the parties, the fun and the family.

Teddy "sex boss"



  Online Photo Gallery of our parties, events and memories >>>